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FileFinder Anywhere is the latest generation of FileFinder Executive Search software, used by 1,600+ executive search and in-house executive recruiters in over 60 countries.

FileFinder Anywhere is the latest generation of FileFinder Executive Search Software, a powerful, and yet easy-to-use, combination of database, project management, web research and CRM tools, designed specifically for executive search firms and in-house strategic recruitment teams.

FileFinder Anywhere is the only executive search management platform to be fully integrated with GatedTalent. GatedTalent is the global database of the world’s leading executives, populated primarily by invitations from our search firm partners, but with information curated by the executives themselves.

GatedTalent is exclusively integrated with FileFinder Anywhere – it allows FileFinder users to search the platform, manage compliancy (with full support for the GDPR concepts of “Consent” and “Legitimate Interest”) and receive executive updates in an entirely seamless manner.

Available as a cost-effective Cloud, browser-based application or via a variety of alternative deployment models, hundreds of search firms and corporate clients rely on FileFinder technology to better manage their executive search process.

FileFinder Anywhere is designed to help you to complete your projects more quickly.

  • Leverage the power of the web and social media to quickly and easily source information on people and companies far beyond your internally sourced information.
  • Work on your search assignments and update your database without leaving your Outlook inbox on PCs, Macs and through a browser.
  • Access your internal business data and information from the web, ensuring you always have access to the most current information.
  • Generate superior client reports including the ability to export directly in Word, Excel or share selected information through our Client Portal.
  • Work where you want when you want via browser-based technology – which helps you remain secure; our Cloud solutions offer “Privacy by Design” with no local data caching – helping keep your business GDPR compliant.

FileFinder Anywhere is backed up by Dillistone Systems, the largest specialist supplier of software to executive search firms. Offices in the USA, UK, Germany and Australia work together to offer close to 24×5 support to our clients worldwide.

Client Testimonials:

“FileFinder Anywhere gives us the ability to support our core business regardless of the local technology infrastructure. A multi-platform solution is a first for executive search software and we are delighted to be able to implement this. To TRANSEARCH, Dillistone represents unparalleled support, a partner that understands our business, and providing an ever evolving software solution – which is is the bedrock of our 16 year relationship.” – TRANSEARCH International

“Implementing FileFinder Anywhere to share data between our offices has been wonderful. It’s been terrific. It makes us feel so much closer. I was discussing with a colleague in Amsterdam recently how sharing data made it seem not just like we are in the same firm… but in the same office!” – Stanton Chase International

More testimonials are available on our website or email us for more details.

"FileFinder Anywhere makes us a lot more efficient on our assignments. We can see the status of every project, where we need to focus and where there are any gaps really quickly." - Finiti Search

"I am able to manage 25% more projects than before… purchasing FileFinder has certainly given AR Procurement a competitive edge as I am now attracting and placing many more candidates." - AR Procurement

To view more testimonials, click here.

Key features include: 

• Available wherever and whenever you need it
FileFinder Anywhere is designed for the post-PC era. Work from a PC in your office, a Mac at home, an iPad on a train or a client’s own machine.

• Powerful and yet Easy to Use
The user interface was designed in conjunction with a leading User Interface Design firm. Specialists from this group spent time watching and interviewing executive search professionals at work – and the result is a user interface which effortlessly supports the way you work.

• Standardized and yet flexible
The product will work for a single user or a small team, out of the box. However, a huge array of configuration options will allow larger businesses to customize the product to reflect how they need it to work. From screen layouts to custom fields; from creating reports to user rights and privileges, the system is designed to allow for extensive configuration on the fly.

• Sophisticated Research tools
Anyone who works in Search knows that finding information outside the database is just as important as finding information within it. FileFinder reflects this with an exceptionally web centric approach. Web Profiles automatically associate web information with people and companies in the database; our Research Zone allows you to automate advanced web searching techniques and clients report 30% gains in efficiency!

• Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility. Enjoy FileFinder Anywhere as you want to
Cloud hosted or internally hosted. SaaS or Purchase Model. Drive Outlook from your database, or your dataset from Outlook. Buy it or Subscribe. Executive Search software or Web-based through a browser.

However your users need it, however you want to purchase it, FileFinder Anywhere is the most flexible executive search system on the market. Visit www.dillistone.com or email sales@dillistone.com for more information or to book your free, non-obligation demonstration today!