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  • Name: Martin
  • London
  • United Kingdom

Psychometric online job board, specialising in identifying talent amongst recent graduates. Psychometric and ability assessments, free job listings, free branded employer portals, candidate screening. All without upfront charge, and fixed fee on hiring.

Aptood.com is a revolutionary recruitment platform designed to increase efficiency and reduce cost by using advanced psychometric assessments at our core. Without charge: - All our job seekers have complete psychometric analysis of their strengths and characteristics - All our job seekers have independently verified scores in English, Mathematics, and Administration - All our job seekers have a public link that enables them to share their results though social networks and in job applications - Our employers have their own branded online portal listing their roles - Our employers see complete applications with scores and pre-screening answers on one screen - no more PDFs by email / spending time sorting through applicants - Our employers can access and browse our database free of charge and invite candidates for their roles We only charge on hire - no upfront fees to set up, and no sliding salary scales.