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KeyApps: GDPR Information

This article represents the views of the author solely and are not intended to constitute legal advice. In response to new GDPR legislation coming into effect in May 2018, KeyApps will be making changes to the services we provide to help our clients effectively implement their own policies.

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into play May 25th, 2018.

Following research into the GDPR, KeyApps Ltd is making important changes to our own technology. 

Database and Website CMS Additions and Configurations

A series of new data fields will be added to our database. For clients using our WordPress CMS to capture, process and use candidate data the same will be applied

Recruiters will be able to:

  • Review
    New Candidate / Worker Consents
    Data Rights Requests from Candidates / Workers
  • Delete and/or Suspend (Block) Requested Candidate and Worker Data
    Example; If a candidate requests not to be contacted via email but happy to continue being contacted via telephone a blocker can be added to the mail option
  • Run and export reports

Digital Platform & Interface Additions

Recruitment Websites and Apps produced by KeyApps Ltd will hold a series of GDPR relevant features and functions. The captured data can be sent real time, and automatically synced to;

  • Recruiters / Business Email Depositories – ex: (
  • The Business App/Web CMS
  • Dedicated recruiter CRM’s/Databases such as RDB PRONET

Summary of service configurations

  • Additions to Website Cookies & Data Policies
  • GDPR Relevant Pre-& Post Registration Data Field Additions & Configurations 
  • User Profile Changes
  • Data Rights Requests Additions  

Example UIs KeyApps Ltd are working on and implementing for our clientele

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