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  • Name: Darren
  • Phone number: 01223655278
  • Address: Technology House
  • 8 Crow Hill Lane
  • Great Cambourne
  • CB23 5AW
  • Cambridge
  • United Kingdom

Recruitment website design, job board software, employer career sites and web promotion services.

RecruiterWEB “You do the recruitment we do your web”

RecruiterWEB is a full service website design and web promotion company. We cover three primary markets: recruiters, job boards and employer career sites, which includes the building of the sites through to the promotion of those sites.

Recruitment Website Design

We launched our first recruitment website in 2004 and have led the way with many industry firsts, like being the first recruitment website to have search engines index the jobs on the site so candidates would find jobs in their search listings.

The platform is an award winning, robust and stable platform that we have made continual investments into. Our clients have suffered just 3 hours total downtime over 12 years, which is a 99.997% uptime.

Job Board Software

We launched our first job board in 2005 and it is still operational to this day. Again we brought an advanced product to market that dominated the rankings for job search matches and so brought in the all important candidates that job boards need to keep their agency and employer clients happy.

Employer Career Sites

We made our first employer site in 2013 for a household name and today it is producing 50,000 job seeker enquiries per month.

What makes us different?

Our technology is the lowest cost, highest featured product in each of its market niches. 

Some people confuse that with cheap, but the enlightened ones understand our core values are to provide value for money, innovative software and services and lower the barrier for entry to all who need online recruitment technology and promotion of their site.

We are able to do this because we made the right product first time round and have spent 12 years refining it into the world beating product it is today.