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  • Name: Paul
  • Phone number: 61 2 9949 3693
  • United Kingdom

PeoplePulse - Online Surveys
PeoplePulse is a unique recruitment-focused online communication and feedback technology that enables Managers to tap into the thoughts of employees, candidates and clients to address matters concerning satisfaction, productivity and profitability.
We believe that Management can turn marketing intelligence into a competitive advantage by continually monitoring and measuring performance immediately after each key interaction with clients, candidates and staff. PeoplePulse has been specifically designed to make this process quick, simple and extremely cost effective.
Our tool allows complete anonymity and data security to respondents whilst also enabling Management to review survey results in real time within minutes of survey deployment.
In short, PeoplePulse allows you to take 'gut feel' out of the decision-making process and empowers your company to make better business decisions.