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  • Name: Darren Watts
  • Phone number: +44 203 868 9553
  • Address: JobAdder HQ
  • Level 11
  • 28 O'Connell Street
  • 2000
  • Sydney, NSW
  • United Kingdom

JobAdder is a cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) recruitment software platform.

Built by recruiters for recruiters, JobAdder is designed for both recruitment and staffing agencies as well as corporate HR teams. JobAdder software is currently used by over 10,000 recruitment professionals in over 20 countries around the world.


Recruiters are able to publish and socialise job ads simultaneously with a single click through JobAdder, where an ad can be distributed to over 200+ job boards and social media sites natively. More job boards are joining the JobAdder community every day, making the task of sourcing candidates easier and more effective than ever.

Applicant tracking functionality allows the JobAdder user to manage candidates via a user-friendly, customisable dashboard interface, while an estimated placement fee is displayed next to each candidate and adjusted as they progress through the application process.

Multilingual resume parsing and advanced candidate searching allows a recruiter to locate top talent within their own database with ease.

JobAdder’s task management tools and CRM functionality also allow a user to manage job orders and optimise their interactions with customers and clients.

UK Phone Number: +44 203 868 9553
US (Denver) Phone Number: 303-647-9568
Australian/New Zealand Phone Number: +61 2 8005 5711

https://jobadder.com/uk <- Recruitment Software for the UK