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JobAdder Powers Ahead with UK Expansion

Recruitment software platform JobAdder has established a presence in Scotland, fuelled by strategy to continue growth in the UK.

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In a move to increase its global presence, cloud based recruitment platform JobAdder has announced that it has placed a dedicated resource in Scotland.

JobAdder's intention to expand in the UK was reported in a Press Release published in February of this year.

The size of JobAdder's European and UK client base has doubled since then, making the decision to appoint a fulltime resource to meet growing demand in the region an obvious one.

JobAdder's recruitment agency software is entirely cloud based and currently powers the recruiting activities of users in over 45 countries around the world. It is also experiencing strong growth throughout the US, Asia, Canada, NZ and the UAE.

Of the move to Scotland, Director of Sales Darren Watts said, "We are pleased to be setting down roots in Scotland and to have a dedicated contact there. It represents an investment in our UK clients and we feel confident that we'll continue to see significant growth in that region as a result."

Expansions to JobAdder's UK headcount coincide with a number of new hires within the Sydney headquarters, across the Customer Support, Data Migration and Development teams.

The newest member of JobAdder's UK Sales team documented her journey to Scotland in an article posted on the company's blog.

These movements also tie in with the recent launch of the JobAdder Marketplace. JobAdder has integrated with a growing number of leading tech platforms and software providers, such as HROnboard, Oncore Services and VideoMyJob.

The JobAdder Marketplace is an online hub housing all of these integrations, where users can connect their JobAdder account with any number of integrated platforms in order to enhance their recruitment activities.

For any UK enquiries, visit JobAdder.