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Adzuna Analysis Showcases Staggering Gender Pay Gap Based on US Regions

Adzuna analyzed 2,500 resumes in celebration of Equal Pay Day

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In honor of Equal Pay Day, global job search engine Adzuna released its analysis of the US salary differences between men and women around the country and found that the salary gap is still impressively large in 2018.

Data from Adzuna’s ValueMyResume tool, which analyzes skills and experience from resumes to assess potential earnings, looked at salaries and resumes of both genders and found that:

  • The US gender pay gap is currently a shocking 19%. Women are earning 81% of their male counterparts - an average ($69,018.79 vs $84,549.86).
  • Surprisingly, the nation's biggest gender pay chasm is on the West Coast where women make 78% the amount that their male counterparts do ($64,342.03 vs. $82,006.02) while the mid-Western states have moved the furthest towards an equal work force with the number going up to 83% ($70,237.30 vs. $83,914.54).
  • The East Coast comes in at 80% ($70,142.53 vs. $87,199.03).
  • On the Adzuna platform, 78% of the top 10% of earners are men and 50% of the bottom 10% of earners are women.

Lily Valentin, US Country Manager at Adzuna said, “The gender wage gap affects female forward movement along every part of their career path, regardless of age, stage or seniority. If change continues at its current pace, we could be playing catch up for another 41 years. There is no one size fits all solution, but employers can and must show more support to female employees. Employers can win the war for talent by empowering women in the workplace by helping them return to work after career breaks, allowing more flexible working options, and supporting highly skilled female staff into higher paid, higher level roles. Keeping women working, and allowing them to reach their full potential will fire-up productivity levels and pay real dividends in the long term.”