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"The class of 2015 have plenty of options available to them": Adzuna comments on today's BIS Q2 Graduate Labour Market Statistics

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, comments

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, comments:

“As the latest clutch of freshers prepare to embark on their university journeys, they can be reassured by these statistics which show that graduate employment prospects are as healthy as they have been at any point since before the financial crash. Almost 90% of postgraduates are currently in employment and our latest data for August shows that there were 14,048 vacancies targeted specifically at graduates, meaning the class of 2015 have plenty of options available to them. Those with a degree needn’t limit themselves to graduate-specific roles, however, and with more than a million UK vacancies currently live, the world is definitely their oyster.  

“Graduates don’t necessarily need to head to London to fulfil their ambitions either, with our latest Jobs Report showing that salary growth in the capital was the weakest of all regions, with Yorkshire & the Humber, the North East and the North West leading the way. This may tempt graduates to pursue employment opportunities in the cities and towns where they attended university rather than follow the well-trodden path to the capital.”

BIS Graduate Labour Market Statistics, April-June Q2 2015

  • The nominal median salary for young graduates (21-30 year olds) has seen an annual increase of £1,000 to £25,000
  • The current unemployment rate of 4.4% among young graduates is the lowest Q2 rate since the 2.7% recorded in Q2 2008
  • The employment rate for working age postgraduates of 88.3% is the highest Q2 rate seen since the 89.5% recorded in Q2 2007