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The Budget: Expert comment from CV-Library

By Lee Biggins, the founder and CEO of CV-Library

“The economy has been well and truly turned on its head as a result of the coronavirus sweeping the nation. However, it’s positive to see that the Chancellor has made allowances for those affected by the outbreak. The changes to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and the £30bn safety net for employers will be particularly helpful for both business owners and staff.  

“While it's alarming that a fifth of the UK’s workforce may be out of work at one time, the grants and support put in place for SMEs will allow them to continue to operate as normal. With any luck, this should enable businesses to move forward with their hiring efforts, despite the turbulent economy.

“In fact, with wage growth steadily rising, the future looks bright for the UK job market. With more money on offer, hesitant candidates may be encouraged to push on with their job search. While this budget is certainly positive, the future of the economy is still somewhat unpredictable; but it's clear that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.”