Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Pre-budget commentary from breatheHR

Jonathan Richards, CEO and founder, breatheHR:

"With the growing uncertainty around Brexit and what the deal for the UK will look like, it's likely this year’s Autumn Budget will be short-term tinkering, rather than long-term and strategic.

"There are a number of initiatives that have been touted, such as the ‘Amazon tax’, whereby internet companies are taxed on their revenue rather than their profits. This may help boost much-needed funding to the NHS, but will make an already complicated tax system even more so for struggling small business owners. What's more, we are at a crucial period where the UK needs to focus on growth and this approach will hit small high-street retailers who also trade online doubly hard if they receive no relief in business rates.

"In addition, scrapping tax relief for this sector could put budding entrepreneurs off starting their own company or make investors reluctant to back young businesses, just when the economy needs them the most. The chancellor must restore faith in small business owners by offering support and investment, not harming our SME economic engine."