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Post-Referendum commentary from totaljobs

John Salt, Group Sales Director at totaljobs:

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“In the wake of the EU Referendum, and the political, economic and social chaos that has ensued, it’s important that HR professionals, or anyone who looks after recruitment and HR issues, maintains a steady and pragmatic approach.

“Totaljobs pre-Referendum research found that 87% of Europeans living in the UK were worried about the impact of a Brexit vote, with 49% fearing for their job security. With the UK’s economic health in doubt, and with many companies warning of potential job losses, businesses should be looking to reassure all of their employees, whether Europeans or UK nationals, of their job security, wherever these assurances can be guaranteed. This will be particularly important in industries such as travel and banking, which have been hit especially hard. Employers should now be doing all they can to keep up to date with legislation changes as negotiations progress, and communicate any changes transparently to their employees.”