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Mass Recruitments: Quality is the Top Priority

Mass recruitment is a phenomenon that results from a sudden demand for employees, such as when a company opens a branch in a new location, or a firm takes on a new project that requires many workers.

For example, William Hill, a world-renowned online bookmaker, found it necessary to close its Israel office and expand its operations in the UK. As a result, the company needs to recruits a significant number of employees in a short period, a stressful but certainly not insurmountable challenge.

Job Descriptions are the Key

A mass recruitment effort need not mean that the potential employer has to sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity. If the recruitment team in charge of the hiring understands exactly what the needs of the company are, they should be able to formulate a plan for a hiring a large number of qualified people quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the company should provide a detailed and clear job description for each position that needs to be filled. With a great description, the potential candidates will have a comprehensive view of the job and less time will be wasted all around.

Once the recruitment agency understands its mission, the next step is advertising. With a mass hiring, both print media and online sites should be plastered with adverts. The former includes local newspapers and magazines related to the specific industry for which you’ll be hiring. If an office is expanding, tap the current staff for possible referrals. (This obviously won’t work if a new branch is about to open.)

Handling the Flood of Responses

In today’s job market, your adverts will probably yield a veritable flood of responses, cover letters, and CVs. If time is of the essence, you will have to sort through the deluge quickly, which means giving each letter a quick perusal of no more than a few minutes. Quickly dump the applications that don’t include a cover letter, as the letter will indicate if the applicant understands the qualifications the company is looking for, and will show if the candidate can put together a decently written letter. Divide the remaining letters between “maybes” (those that may be worth considering) and “yes’s” – those you most definitely want to call in for an interview.

Interviews can be time consuming but they too can be streamlined into slots that take no longer than 15 minutes apiece (or longer if some type of test is involved in the initial meeting). Every recruiter can expect to meet three or four candidates per hour, taking into account that the recruiter has to write notes about the interview afterwards, indicating whether or not the applicant is a good fit for the company.

Final Thoughts

A specialized recruitment firm has more experience, manpower, and skills for handling a mass recruitment.  High-volume hiring is not only about quantity but mainly about quality. Putting the hassle of a mass recruitment in the hands of the professionals can make a huge difference when it comes to the success of the hiring mission – and the ultimate success of the company.