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CIPD Report: Death of a sickie, Robert Half Comment

Matt Weston, Managing Director at Robert Half UK said:

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Robert Half

“Today’s CIPD findings shine a light on an issue surrounding the culture of working when you’re ill. This need for ‘presenteeism’ can have disastrous impacts on the individual but also the team as a whole. When someone comes into work and they are unwell, it can cause a drop in morale, motivation and ultimately productivity – especially if they spread the illness around the office. This ultimately affects a company’s bottom-line, with stress alone estimated to have cost the UK economy £26 billion last year alone.

“Organisations must to do more to discourage this practice, tackling health issues, including stress and anxiety, head-on. While more business (48%) are recognising the importance of introducing workplace initiatives, this alone isn’t the whole answer. It is the responsibility of managers and employees alike to prioritise wellness and happiness at work. With an engaged and happy workforce everyone can reap the benefits”.