Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Upgrade online application system - 07/2001

Three tier screening for Milkroundís online application system

Milkround Online has released an upgrade to its Online Application System. The new revised edition of the Online Applications System complements existing services and widens the range of time-efficient and cost-effective recruitment tools available to graduate recruiters.

The new Milkround Online Application System will comprise of three sections. The initial stage will consist of a few standard questions about the graduate e.g.: name, address and university attended. The next step is a pre-screening stage designed to filter a given number of applications, extracting unsuitable ones. The pre-screening criteria upon which a graduateís suitability will be assessed will vary according to a companyís requirements but could include availability to work in the UK without a work permit, amount of UCAS points and degree class.

Recruiters will be able to ëoverturní the filtering system should they decide that they want to interview a graduate who perhaps does not fulfill the required initial criteria but who has exceeded expectation in the final application stage. Should a graduate not be allowed to work in the UK without a work permit but holds an exceptional academic record perhaps to postgraduate level, s/he may not be excluded from the running, at recruitersí discretion.

The final stage of the Milkround Online Application System, which can be fully customised according to a recruiterís requirements, there will be a series of structured questions to which graduates can reply either by choosing from a pre-defined list of answers or by clicking on a field as appropriate. For questions that require more in-depth answers, graduates will also be able to reply in free form. This graduate friendly feature will allow graduates to save their progress at any time and return to where they left off.

Recruiters will also be able to incorporate existing recruitment tools into the application system such as the Milkround Personality Questionnaire [MPQ] ñ an online psychometric test designed specifically to discern graduatesí strengths and weaknesses within the context of the working environment.