Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Update the database - 07/2001


Which personnel recruitment officer is not familiar with the situation? An advertised job has already been filled by the desired candidate - but applications are still rolling in and piling up on the desk. jobpilot prevents this from happening. Every night an automatic server adjustment updates the database. The result: only unfilled vacancies appear online.

Each evening a program tracks all the links between jobpilot and the home pages of the advertising firms and compares them. jobpilot then incorporates new job offers in its list and deletes the old ones. In the same way, the career portal also obtains the latest versions of the job advertisements. Should the job requirement or the contact information change, the new versions can be found immediately.

The advantages are clear for all to see: automatic monitoring of the data simplifies and accelerates the processing at the companyís end. It is therefore no longer necessary to inform jobpilot, whether a job has been filled or there has been a change to the advertisement - the career portal simply collects the required information for itself.