Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

The changing face of CVs

The last thing a modern jobseeker wants is to be perceived as old-fashioned.

A career advice website claims that a fundamental change in the way people apply for work is taking place. It appears that an abundance of applicants and scarcity of vacancies is forcing many jobseekers to become more adventurous and innovative when designing their CVs.

Many job hunters it would appear are moving away from the traditional simple CV format of a white paper and black text, and are instead favouring more colourful, creative and stylish CV designs that portray a more professional, industry specific and dynamic image. These "designer CVs" make much more use of graphics and eye catching content layout.

Iejaz Uddin the CEO of Birmingham based said, "Candidates should never underestimate the power of an eye catching CV. Recruiters never ignore good talent and a well written CV is the first sign of that."

To meet this growing demand the company has launched a completely free online CV Builder that offers applicants a range of eye catching designs. He claims it has been met with a huge response from job hungry applicants.

According to him this is just the first step in his company’s aim to become the leading online resource to job seekers around the world. He said the company uses its own "CV stylist" to create eye catching CV templates and that they aim to release many more free tools in the near future which will cover an even wider range of job roles and industries.

He goes on “First impressions count, meaning its vital you have a stunning CV that immediately grabs the readers attention”. His view is that you only get one chance to make a first good impression with employers. It’s therefore very important that candidates develop a professional high impact CV that not only gets them immediately noticed but also encourages the reader to continue reading.