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The 6 best Recruitment CRM features for remote recruiters in lockdown

Andy Betts, Product Manager - Access Recruitment CRM

Over recent weeks recruiters have been asking us for our advice about how their consultants and teams can stay productive, engaged and motivated whilst working from home. With that in mind, here are a few of the things that are helping our customers right now.

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1. Keep motivation high with KPI tracking

Given low motivation has a direct impact on performance and results, if your employees aren’t motivated your business is at risk. Highly engaged and motivated employees are 87% less likely to leave their job plus they’ll be more willing to put in the work to help your recruitment business succeed.

With your team working remotely, ensuring they remain motivated is more important than ever. We recently provided some top tips on how to keep remote consultants motivated and engagement high whilst managing targets.  One recommendation is to incorporate elements of competition and what recruiter doesn’t love a leader board with the prospect of being top of the charts.

With our KPI app, you can create leader boards for the metrics you want to measure and share these to your team regularly - keeping them striving to meet targets and focused. Whether you want to track number of CV’s sent, interviews booked, placements made or placement fees these can be set up by consultant, team or branch over the period defined by you.

2. Check in with messaging

Aside from performance based motivational tactics, those on a more human level are equally important. From encouraging your team to take regular breaks, providing support and feedback to simply keeping up regular interactions.

With the quick internal messaging system in Access Recruitment CRM you can let colleagues know what you’re up to and easily check in with them each morning. 

3. Provide regular staff updates with noticeboards

With the Covid situation changing daily you’re likely wanting to share information you’re your team more regularly.

To help keep everyone in the loop our Noticeboard feature gives you the ability to post a company update, share links to useful information, provide words of encouragement or a place for announcements. Super simple to set up, easy to update whether you need to share communications every day, week or month. 

4. Stay on top of workload with diary sharing

With your team potentially juggling home distractions or not being well enough to work you need to keep an eye on workload more than ever before. This will not only ensure no candidates or clients slip through the net but will keep everyone  better informed whilst providing support where needed to your staff. 

The super simple diary sharing function in our Recruitment CRM means diaries can be visible to your colleagues and line managers – whether you want to give full control, read only or somewhere in between, it’s up to you!


5. Keep teams connected with Collaborate

With virtual meetings now the norm you’ll need a central place to manage and coordinate projects, share documents and plans.

With our collaborate platform, which is included in all our CRM packages, you’ll have one easily accessible central place for projects, avoiding any confusion or duplication of effort.

As well as a central place to share and store documents, you can control the editing rights of these to the prevent unauthorised changes which can be useful if sharing important policy information to your team.

For project management you can create workspaces for specific groups and set colleagues tasks and track them through to completion. These can also be shared with those outside your recruitment business too.

6. Access anytime, anywhere

In light of recent events there’s no need for education on why moving to the cloud makes perfect business sense. Not only is it essential that you team can still access their software but it also means they are working from one single database for one source of truth.

We often get asked about how easy it is to move to the cloud. Simply put, we have a tried and tested process for these migrations and are able to get recruitment businesses up and running in a matter of days to ensure there’s minimal downtime and disruption to the business.

Wherever your team are, Access Recruitment CRM is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And whenever an extra helping hand is needed our support team all operate online, our customer community portal is easily accessed, and our customers success team regularly run free online sessions for top tips and best practice advice on using our recruitment software.

What’s more your consultants can use the software from a laptop right down to an iPad mini meaning to give more flexibility on how to access.

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