Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Tech firm offers free help to UK healthcare organisations in wake of Covid-19 outbreak

London-based healthcare tech firm Credentially has offered to help the NHS and UK healthcare businesses struggling to hire to increase demand in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Credentially's software allows healthcare employers to rapidly sign-up, verify and on-board healthcare workers, as well as ensuring they are aware of any essential clinical policies, such as Covid-19 management.

"Hiring healthcare workers manually can take providers up to six months, and is a real bottleneck to providers attempting to expand and meet clinical demand," said Dr Kit Latham."

"Our team want to do whatever we can to help during this uncertain time. We are offering to provide our software free of charge for any NHS organisation that needs to rapidly and safely increase their staffing numbers over the next few weeks."

The news comes after Credentially CEO and former A&E doctor Kit Latham warned late last week that if the Government's plan to call up a "Dad's Army" of retired doctors to help the NHS cope with a potential Covid-19 crisis in the UK is to be successful then the NHS's recruitment process need drastically upgrading.

"NHS HR systems and processes will make it much harder to take on the rapid intake of new staff if the Covid-19 pandemic increases at the rate predicted. The Government must modernise the requirements and invest in 21st Century technology if retired doctors are to come back to work quickly and help with any crisis."

Credentially was founded in 2020 by Dr Kit Latham, a former emergency medicine physician tired of repetitive, slow and inefficient HR processes in healthcare. Credentially's software provides a complete hiring, on-boarding and training solution for medical professionals to help providers hire efficiently and safely whilst lowering costs.