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Solutions to violence at work on-line - 11/2000

Conflict management site

The cost of workplace violence is high, both in its impact on people's lives and their performance at work. To help bring the solutions to a wider audience Maybo, specialists in conflict management, supported by, among others, the Chartered Institute of Personnel Directors and the Confederation of British lndustries has provided an on-line interactive forum, www.workplaceviolence.co.uk.

Research by the TUC, published in its 'Violent Times' report suggests that statistics 'grossly under-represent' the true level of violence at work. The 1998 British Crime Survey reported I.2 million incidents of violence and 3.3 million work hours lost.
The cost to the organisation is high, as sustained conflict and abuse result in high stress levels, absenteeism, reduced performance and poor service delivery.

As a further facility visitors to the site can ask about any issues that might affect or concern them. This is a free, confidential clinic, provided by Maybo, specialists in work place violence.