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Skills and experience required - 11/2000

UKs direct matching recruitment site launched

Every employer in the UK now has the chance to headhunt staff directly without intermediaries at skillsandexperience.com.

Employers can have their own shortlist of candidates within minutes of a decision to recruit. Every working person in the UK can have their comprehensive CVs working, continuously for them, available instantly to prospective employers.

Skillsandexperience.com uses full interactive and democratic power of the Internet to do 'direct matching' for employers without any intermediary and enables comprehensive CVs to be included.
The site is designed as a low cost but high security facility with no advertising, where potential candidates can place their CVs online in complete confidentiality.

The name of the candidates' current employer is not revealed to the prospective employer. When an employer selects a shortlist of, the candidates are e-mailed instantly and invited to make contact with the employer. As all CVs are uniformly formatted, employers can search comparable information with ease and precision.