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Recruitment boss offers advice to students and parents as they prepare for A-level results day

A-level results day opens up a world of opportunity – whatever’s inside that envelope, insists the boss of short-term recruitment specialist RedWigWam.

On Thursday this week students across the country will nervously open envelopes containing their results, supported by their equally apprehensive parents.

Lorna Davidson, founder and CEO of RedWigWam, said: “These students will be discovering the results of all their hard work, and, understandably, many will be feeling anxious.

“Their parents will also be apprehensive, as they will have supported them through their studies, testing their knowledge in revision sessions and keeping them fuelled with snacks and meals.

“But even if the grades don’t turn out as hoped, it’s far from the disaster it may initially appear to be – families should simply view it as an opportunity to re-evaluate their next steps.”

Many students may be counting on certain grades to be accepted on to a particular university course.

“But if things don’t quite go to plan, it’s still worth talking to the university they had planned to go to because they may still be accepted,” said Lorna. “They may also want to consider exam reviews and appeals, or looking for course vacancies in UCAS’s Clearing service.

“And whether a student is pleased or disappointed with their results, what better time to think about their future.

“It could be that they don’t want to pursue higher education or that they want to take a break from studying, either while they reapply for university or defer their place.

“Again, there are plenty of options, such as a gap year, apprenticeship – or work.”

More and more students are beginning to realise that future employers are not only looking for qualifications, but work experience, too.  

Lorna said: “Temporary, part-time and flexible jobs are ideal for students who have recently completed their A-levels. It gives them a taste of the world of work, and allows them to test out whether or not they actually want to take their career in that direction.

“It also gives them the opportunity to earn money, perhaps to fund overseas travel, their future studies or for general living expenses, and this type of work is also perfect for fitting around university work.

“Short-term employment offers young people the chance to try a variety of jobs, get a feel for how different industries work and gain an understanding of what they enjoy doing.”

Lorna added: “At RedWigWam workers can be matched to various roles quickly and efficiently, and, before they know it, they’ll have a host of new skills and experience to add to their CV. What’s more, they may even find an industry they absolutely love.”

To find out more, visit www.redwigwam.com/students