Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec partners with Asiafreenet - 05/2001

- has announced its partnership with Asiafreenet, a global online cultural network created for the South-Asian Diaspora. Visitors to will now have access to the entire job database, Job search agent, CV builder and Post a Job, all customised to fit in with the style and functionality of Asiafreenet. is the first careers site to appreciate the demand for offering sound professional career advice and job opportunities to the South Asian community in the UK. This new relationship further strengthens the development ofís ongoing strategy to broaden its offering to reach all demographic groups, and extend its services to meet the specific needs of all communities. This partnership with Asiafreenet coincides with the launch of at the beginning of March.

Asiafreenet has been developed by Silicon Valley Internet Services Ltd (a subsidiary of Silicon Valley Plc) to cater for the information, entertainment and business needs of the South Asian Diaspora on a global basis.

Industry research published by Net Value, highlights the finding that the Internet is an important and popular tool within Asia, indicating that 47.4 percent of households are connected to the web in Singapore and in Hong Kong 26.2 percent, more than quarter of households.

Bella Hubble, managing director, commented ìOur partnership with Asiafreenet has provided with the opportunity to extend our service to an important part of the UK community. This is a further step in ensuring that our offering is effectively reaching particular demographic groups, enabling us to meet our goal of providing career advice and real job opportunities to all professionals across the UKî.

Neena Kent, (chief executive officer), of Asiafreenet commented, ì is dedicated to providing the Asian community with up-to-date news, information and entertainment from all around the globe. As the UKs leading career management site,, was the perfect choice for us as they are guaranteed to deliver informative advice to users of Asiafreenet at any stage in their careerî.