Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Monster opens doors - 10/2000

Monster pioneers 'workplace of the future'

Monster is setting new standards for employee-friendly working environments with the opening of European Sales Centre in Glasgow.

The new business-to-business, multilingual call centre has been specifically designed to encourage good staff relations and productivity, promoting the Monster idiom, 'work hard, relax hard', combating the fabled stress often experienced by employees in 'old-style' call centres.

Having confirmed plans to expand its operation from 50 to over 180 people, has opened its new 24,000 square foot premises on the 4th and 5th floors at 191 West George Street, Glasgow. The European Sales Centre is handling outbound and inbound calls with customers in the eight European countries where Monster has established local language websites: France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK. The outbound team will work to encourage over 40,000 businesses and agencies throughout Europe to place vacancies and search the CV databases on Monster sites.