Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Monster Hits Out At Cowboys - 05/2000

Self-Regulation Sought

Over the past two months, there has been a large amount of media coverage of the activities of Cowboy job sites. Some major players have been accused of pinching jobs from
competitors whilst other companies have been accused of making up jobs to bring in CVs.

A number of larger players in the Online Recruitment market have voiced outrage at these pariah practices - no doubt fearing that their good name will be tainted by the bad rep of others.

Monster has joined calls for immediate self-regulation of the industry - in an attempt to police the market place and stave off calls for some quarters to have an official body set up. Monsterís experience from the US market has shown it that cowboy recruiters will undermine the market as a whole. A spokesperson from Monster said: Trust is the absolute currency in Internet recruitment and as more sites spring up, this trust will become devalued. We need to act to limit damage on the industry before the problem grows out of control and the credibility of ethical sites is eroded.