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Make Your Training Budget Go Further By Identifying Training Needs More Effectively

The process for assessing training needs typically follows this process.

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  • look at the current skills levels of your staff.
  • identify the skills/knowledge gaps within the business.
  • decide which new skills could take your business forward.
  • plan for appropriate training to bridge those gaps.

Recruitment Assessment, the UK partner for eSkills, addresses part 1 of this process - extremely effectively.  Utilised by large corporations and smaller forward thinking businesses, our skills testing services has helped organisations both recruit more effectively and help increase productivity and staff retention.

Whilst we are known to be a key part of the recuitment process, Recruitment Assessment is increasingly used by HR teams to address the skills gap of existing staff through targeted training programmes.  And we all know that anything that helps the training budget be more effective and go further will be widely welcomed.

With the ability to choose any combination of questions from the entire library of 59,000 questions, you are able to put together bespoke tests which address your specific business need.

And if you do not want to do it yourself, we are on hand to offer a managed service to ensure that your test effectively and efficiently identifies the skills gaps in your business so that you can arrange tailored training to address it.

I would be delighted to demonstrate the flexibility, ease of use and power of the sensibly priced eSkill testing solution and how it can be used to make your training budget be more targeted.

Please drop me a line (wbresler@recruitment-assessment.co.uk) or call 0845-8400123.