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Lack of Flexible Working Leaves Employees Missing Major Life Events

A recent survey has revealed that 67% of employees have missed major life events due to a lack of flexible working within their organisation.

The survey conducted by workplace wellbeing organisation Liberty Mind, was created to fully understand the impacts on employees who do not have the opportunity of flexible working.

From those surveyed it was found that a staggering 40% had missed hospital or health-related appointments due to a lack of flexible working, while 15% had missed moving house, 10% had missed a child’s school activity and 8% had missed a family funeral.

Furthermore, 83% of employees have been made to feel guilty by their employers for taking time off for a major life event.

Discussing the findings, Founder of Liberty Mind, Lizzie Benton, commented that;

The Governments Flexible Working Policy may be in place, but that doesn’t mean it is actioned or supported in all organisations. This data reveals that there is a far wider impact on employees lives when organisations restrict the possibility of flexible working.”

Major life events play a significant role in our emotional and mental wellbeing, and the relationships connected to these have a critical impact on our wellbeing, so why are we creating organisations that are limiting them?

With Christmas now just around the corner, which brings with it many family commitments, for some employees this may be a hard time when trying to request flexibility so they can attend family events.