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jobpilot joins forces - 11/2001


jobpilot.co.uk has joined forces with 4mat.com, a provider of recruitment websites. The partnership integrates jobpilotís expertise in online recruitment with 4mat.comís proven experience in website design and functionality, to offer clients complete pre-built and bespoke recruitment website solutions.

By integrating 4mat.comís dotVacancy product, a ìwebsite in a boxî that provides recruitment website capability, at the front-end of jobpilotís internet-based workflow recruitment solutions, jobpilot will be able to provide companies with a fully-functional recruitment website within hours rather than weeks.

With streamlined administration across vacancies and candidates, and full content management, 4mat.comís dotVacancy will handle the front-end solutions whilst jobpilot will provide back-end functions such as implementation, hosting, technical support and feedback on site functionality. Clients will also have the option to incorporate company branding, as well as business information and links to corporate websites, into their recruitment website. And by using 4mat.comís software to design and update banners, clients will reduce the need to use a third party design consultancy, thereby saving costs.

www.jobpilot.co.uk or www.4mat.com