Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Job Partners and Aladdino in the palm of your hand - 04/2001

Targeting the best candidates

Busy human resources managers will now be able to manage the whole recruitment process while they are on the move, thanks to new HR management solution. ActiveRecruiter.palm, is the result of a partnership between Job Partners and Aladdino, and enables managers to target the best candidates using their hand-held personal organizer devices, (such as Palmpilots). The new solution will help slash costs dramatically and speed up the recruitment process.

ActiveRecruiter is already helping thousands of HR professionals to automate, structure and manage the entire recruitment process from their desktops. But now they will be able to access this unique HR management solution via their hand-held computers, ensuring managers win the race to find the best candidates. ActiveRecruiter.palm enables managers to read CVs, get updates on interviews, suggest interview questions and create an evaluation of the candidate that can be accessed by everyone involved in the recruitment process. As a result recruitment will be quicker and simpler, with easier internal communications.

To make a mobile version of ActiveRecruiter possible, Job Partners chose to collaborate with Aladdino, who provide the XML-based technology that enables communication between devices without the need for the customer to use additional technology. ActiveRecruiter.palm will be available throughout Europe, including the UK, France, Germany and the Benelux.