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Jerricho Soon To Fall - 08/2000

The End Is Nigh For The ëBricks & Mortarí Staffer

In association with TMP Worldwide and The Daily Telegraph, Cranfield School of Management has published its Internet Recruitment Report as part of the quarterly Recruitment Confidence Index.

Based on 975 responses in the first quarter of 2000, the survey shows that 37% of organisations now use the Net for recruitment, up from 22% in Q4 of 1999. Beyond this, sectoral growth is strong with the majority (56%) of organisations expecting to increase the use of e-cruitment this year. What is perhaps of most interest is the increase in the use of commercial job sites, up from 9% to 22%.

Further analysis shows that 40% (down from 55%) of companies only use their corporate web site for Internet recruitment, whilst 36% use only e-cruiters. 24% use both channels. These figures stem from size of organisation. 57% of companies with 1000 employees use the net, whilst only 22% of those with fewer than 100 people do so.
The most profound findings however, are concerned with the impact of e-cruitment on traditional staffing agencies. Over 5 years, 53% of companies that currently do not use the net for recruitment expect to reduce reliance on traditional media. Similarly 70% of those who do currently use the Net expect to cut down on ëBricks & Mortarí services.