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Itís Dangerous To Surf At Work - 09/2000

Survey Identifies Change In Attitudes

A recent survey, sponsored by MMTV, operators of JobChannel.tv examined Internet users who have searched the net for a job in the past 3 months. Results, clearly show a rise in a culture of scrutiny in office environments.

With the rise in popularity of big brother software installed by organisations to track their employeeís use of the web, 76% of job seekers questioned said that they were aware of their surfing actions being traced by employers and that they only searched for jobs from the privacy of their own home.

Of those searching for new jobs online, the highest proportion, 37%, are in the 26-35 age group, with just 2% falling in the 56-65 age group. Additionally, the survey also revealed that only 37% of those looking for a job online were female.

Angus Drever, CEO of MultiMedia Television said, ìThis research clearly indicates that there are still too few women and older generations using the Internet as a recruitment tool. In the past, the jobs advertised on the web focused on very niche market sectors, this is no longer the case.î