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Interview mistakes that could cost you your dream job

Going for an interview is like meeting your in-laws for the first time. It is nerve-wracking if you ask anyone.

And people try by all means to make sure that they put up with the best behaviour that they can. But sadly there are things that people do and don’t realize that they are messing up their chance of getting a good job.  

Never be late!

The first rule in most corporations if not all is that you should never be late. That is a major turn off for many prospective employers including top online casino sites employers who work under hectic deadlines. This is the most obvious rule. Even in a school that does apply. Avoid being in the wrong lane and make sure that you give your interview 100% by being 30 minutes early.

Revise your key points

It might seem as though it is not necessary to go over your resume. But it is, know everything that is in that resume like the back of your hand. The reason being that when you are asked about anything that is in your resume you should be able to answer it. Whether be it your achievements or whatever it is, make sure that you will not stammer but give a convincing and accurate answer.

Confidence is key

There is nothing as attractive as a confident person. Speaking with confidence is the key to win the people or person interviewing you. The thing with being confident is that when you become overconfident now there is a problem again. Too much of anything is never good, even if it is real money online pokies.

Avoid distractions

Phones can really be a distraction not only for the interviewer but also to you. So it is important to make sure that you put your phone on silent and you do not use it until you are done with the interview. We will give you a very practical example, how annoying is it when someone’s phone rings during a meeting. It literally disturbs everyone. That is the same thing that we will be trying to avoid.