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Innovation from SHL - 10/2000

Assessing people online

Organisations can save up to 50% time, and money with the integrated on-line, end-to-end recruitment, assessment and development system service, SHL has recently introduced.

As well as, providing HR professionals with accurate, cheaper, faster and new creative ways of assessing people, the system is designed to fit within corporate websites, companiesí existing HR systems, and be fully SAP compatible.

Flexibility is a key feature of the system. Users will be able to access the complete integrated end-to-end system, or any unit of the on-line capability, from one job to multiple jobs as organisational needs dictate.

It will incorporate the majority of the existing SHL portfolio of assessment and development products, including its flagship psychometric tool OPQ32, together with attraction, application form, sifting, shortlisting and communication capabilities. Providing a platform for delivering innovative new products on-line, including on-line interactive assessment (e.g. e-basket), will make the provision of solutions tailored to organisational need easier.

By using the SHL integrated on-line system, instead of traditional administration and scoring methods, SHL estimates that clients will be able to make substantial savings in time and therefore money, for example cutting up to 50% from the time taken to hire with traditional methods. The system will enable multi-national and multi-location organisations to introduce fast and consistent assessment.