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How will Brexit affect jobs in the pharmaceutical industry?

There’s one thing that the world of business dislikes more than anything else, and that is uncertainty.

Say what you like about the politics surrounding Brexit and what it will bring, one thing that it has certainly introduced is uncertainty.                             

Several industries have been troubled by this uncertainty, and the pharmaceutical sector is one of them. A new survey from life science consultants Alacrita has revealed that pharma executives are questioning how desirable Britain would remain as a hub for their activities in a post Brexit world.

One particularly alarming statistic was that 69% of pharma execs said Britain would make the UK a less attractive destination for their European HQ.

The pharmaceutical industry in the UK employees around 67,000 people, and the wider life sciences sector employs around half a million.

You can take a look at the infographic below to find out more about which countries may benefit from the UKs current state of uncertainty…

The Special Pharma Relationship
Provided by Alacrita