Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How busy recruiters can unwind after a hard day at the office

The recruitment industry can be a stressful one to work in. Businesses never stop needing new staff, and it’s your job to go and find them.

It’s a non-stop industry with very little down-time. After a hard day in the office, it’s important to try and switch off from the world of recruiting, so you can be in the right frame of mind to go into work the next day full of energy. If you’re a busy recruiter looking for some new ways to unwind for the evening, take a look at these tips.

Online card games and casinos

There’s something traditional about unwinding in the evening by playing a game of cards. While the games can be tense, the atmosphere is equally playful. Focusing on a game for a couple of hours can be just what you need to take your mind off the troubles at work. The biggest problem is finding a group of friends willing to play on a weeknight.

Thankfully online games and casinos have made it easier than ever to spend a relaxing evening playing poker or blackjack. You no longer need four friends and a table in the basement to enjoy these classic games, you can simply log on on your phone or computer for a couple of hours.

If you’ve never played before, it’s simple to learn (click here for an in-depth guide on simple blackjack rules). Master the basics and get a couple of practice game under your belt, you’re set to test yourself against fellow beginners and seasoned players online. This is a unique way of mixing up your weeknight evenings, and if you play sensibly it’s a thrilling new hobby.

Work out

I know, I know, there’s nowhere in the world you want to be less after a long day at work than the gym. Believe it or not, working out can actually be a great way to relieve some stress.

Make sure you find your own secluded spot in the gym. Try and find somewhere personal where you can have space to enjoy your workout and be alone with music, a podcast or even your own thoughts. This can be your space to switch off from the world around you and focus entirely on the workout, rather than thinking about the millions of tasks on your to-do list tomorrow.

It’s also a great opportunity to take out all the stress and frustration building up inside you. Ever gotten to the gym and felt unmotivated to get through the full workout? Take all that negative energy you have in the office and let it out on some dumbells and rowing machines, I guarantee you’ll beat your personal best. Find a workout that suits you. If you’re too tired don’t push yourself lifting weights, maybe finding a soothing yoga class might be best.

Cook a nice meal

Most of the time we can’t enjoy food prep. We either don’t have the time or there are lots of hungry mouths to feed. Cooking is actually a very therapeutic act though. Even though there are lots to keep track of, making a special meal can be an opportunity to let your brain work in different ways.

Find a recipe you’ve been wanting to try for a while and set about making it. Take your time with the process and experiment a little when you can. This is a chance to let your brain be creative in a different way than it usually would be at work. Cooking a complex meal is like working on a piece of art. Put the same kind of attention and creativity into it and you’ll see something equally impressive, and hopefully delicious, come out the other end.

Even if you don’t enjoy the process, you’ve got a nice lunch for the next day.

Have a warm shower or bath

You probably rushed through your shower this morning. You trudged in there half awake and sleepwalked through washing yourself. That’s if you even had enough time to shower. It doesn’t need to be like this, washing should be more enjoyable and relaxing.

Washing has a calming effect on your body and mind. Warm water can help your muscles relax, which is essential if you’ve been trapped at a desk all day. Cleaning yourself can help wash away a lot of exhaustion you feel after a long day and give you the energy you need to not waste your evening sat on your phone. 

Whether you have a bathtub or shower make time to properly clean yourself. Shave, use that luxury soap you’ve been saving, indulge yourself in the water.


The most important thing to do when you leave the office is to totally disconnect yourself from it. This can be hard to do if people are relying on you to be on call, but it’s essential to separate your home and work life.

Don’t just disconnect from your job though, disconnect from being online. You’ve probably been in calls or staring at a screen all day. Put your phone away, turn off the screen and enjoy an evening free of notifications. While you can feel you’re missing out on all the fun, it’s actually quite relieving to be free of the constant buzzing and blue light for a couple of hours.

The damage screens can do to our eyes, brains and sleeping patterns are well documented. One of the best ways you can ensure you’re feeling fresh for the next day is to give your body a rest from technology. You won’t miss it as much as you think.

Work is not your life. Nobody can do a good job at work if they haven’t had time to switch off from it. As a recruiter, there are a lot of people looking to you for answers. Hopefully, some of these tips can make your evening away from your recruiter job more relaxing and a chance to truly unwind and recharge.