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How a Job in Consultancy Can Provide You with Freedom

So many people complain that they feel “trapped” in their job, unable to see a different path or figure out how to make changes. If you’re looking for a sense of freedom, and that feeling that you are the one in control of your career destiny, then starting your very own consulting business could be the answer.

While it’s not really something you hear people talking about, the fact of the matter is that working as a consultant can offer all kinds of benefits.

Determining Your Career Path

When you first start out in your career it’s normal to have high hopes, dreams about the future, and all kinds of expectations where your job is concerned. As you grow and learn more about yourself that job that once seemed fulfilling may not live up to your expectations anymore. You may start to feel as though you are trapped and you don’t like the idea of working for someone else. This is when the idea of choosing your own career path may start to sneak into your mind.

Granted starting your own business isn’t for everyone. Obviously, there is a lot of risk involved, and you need to be incredibly motivated in order to succeed.

Perhaps you've heard of Sam Ovens, an entrepreneur from New Zealand who made his mark relatively young and is now working as a consultant to consultants. It is estimated that he has now made more than $10 million helping others to realize their dreams through a wildly successful e-learning business that is used around the world.

Sam Ovens, like other experts in the industry, is encouraging people to realise their dreams and take those steps towards becoming their own boss and becoming a consultant. It’s about more than just a change in jobs, it’s a change in mind-set, and the way you work.

What Do You Excel In?

In order to pursue a career as a consultant you need to figure out what you’re good at? What can you consult clients on? What do you hold a degree or diploma in? What are you experienced in? As a consultant, it will be your job to be an “expert” on whatever it is you have chosen, so you need to feel very confident, be knowledgeable, and have related experience.

While you can choose from a variety of fields to become a consultant in, there are a few that have shown growth and popularity. The areas of management, human resources, computer and information systems, sales/marketing/public relations, accounting, and environmental and conservation seem to be safe bets. Not only are these fields showing growth, it’s also become the norm to use consultants.

The Benefits of Becoming a Consultant

Before you make the leap and try a whole new career path, the question you will obviously be asking is "what are the benefits". As a consultant, you will actually be able to enjoy all kinds of benefits that wouldn't exist if you kept working for a big company or firm.

The first benefit is the fact that you'll be able to build a very large network of contacts. Because you won't be working for just one client, you'll be opening yourself up to all kinds of possibilities. This is great for people who can’t handle the mundane and are always looking for something “new”.

This is also a great opportunity to become an “expert”. People turn to consultants when they need expert help and advice, and that expert will be you.

If you're the type that loves flexibility, then this job is right for you. You will be the one setting up appointments and choosing your work hours. Maybe you want your weekends off, then again perhaps you'd rather work in the evenings and have your days free. It's all up to you. Depending on what kind of consulting services you offer, you may also be able to telecommute allowing you to work from home.

Problem solving skills and drive are a must have in this business, so here's a chance to put your critical thinking abilities to good use.

While many people think of consultants as lone wolfs so to speak, they actually work in a team environment. You will be working with the client, their employees, and possibly other consultants you need to bring in to complete the job.

Veering Off the Path Can Be Exciting

It’s important to remember that when it comes to your career path, veering off the path and choosing the road with a few more bumps can sometimes be the absolute best option.