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Graduates impatient - 11/2001


Axiom Software has found that almost one in three (58%) of graduates expect a response to a job application within two weeks, and a third (36%) within one week. However, companies are failing to do this. Only one in six (18%) of the companies they have approached manage to respond within a week.

Other findings include:
More than three quarters (78%) of todayís graduates would not work for a company that has a poor ethical record, and over half (54%) would not accept a higher paying entry role rather than an ideal job that paid less.

Two thirds (59%) of respondents said that 20 years down the line they would rather be running their own business than managing the board of a FTSE company.

Over half (52%) of those surveyed expect to be made redundant at least once in their lifetime.

62% have done a psychometric test, indicating that organisations are investing in tests to identify the right people.

More than half (54%) rated training and development as the first factor that would attract them to a job ñ it is more important to them than their salary (35%).

The chance of being fast tracked ranks third (28%) in graduatesí list of priorities, ahead of location (25%).