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Graduate Recruiters Work Online - 07/2000

Double Last Year E-cruit

The Association of Graduate Recruiters has found that nearly two thirds of graduate recruiters - twice as many as last year - are now recruiting online. This is apparently to catch some of the 88 % of final year students who actively job-seek on the Internet and the nearly 50% who actually apply online.

Most Strikingly, the AGR survey entitled Going to Work on the Web, also found that almost half of the graduate recruiters surveyed reported that they received a higher quality of applications online than via traditional recruitment methods.

AGR Chief Executive Carl Gilleard commented ìTodayís graduates are web-aware and regard the Internet as the ëobviousí place to look for information and services. The report shows that employers need to consider the importance of the Internet as a recruitment tool, and the implications of ignoring it, when developing their graduate recruitment strategyî.