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Geographically dispersed recruitment - 11/2001


One of the many problems facing recruitment businesses that are geographically dispersed is how to provide availability of information to all branches, balanced against the cost of providing the necessary communications links to ensure speedy access. Enterprise2001 recognises this balancing act and meets the challenge by providing complete flexibility of deployment of data within the enterprise. The Enterprise2001 WAN can be deployed with single or multiple application servers. Servers will talk ëintelligentlyí to each other ensuring complete, timely availability of key information.

Voyager solutions have always been famed in the market for their ease-of use and the way that they follow and facilitate recruitment workflow. Enterprise2001 retains this concept, addressing the needs of all sectors of the recruitment industry, from temp agencies to executive search consultancies, providing unrivalled functionality, easy access to information, no matter where it is stored and sophisticated searching and matching tools to truly empower recruiters.

Enterprise2001 Integrates with core Microsoft products such as Word, Outlook and Internet Explorer.