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Evalutek offers pre-hire screening - 10/2000

The Internet age takes on psychometrics

New human resource services company is launching a state-of-the-art, on-line psychometric assessment service to England and much of Europe.

evaluTek.com offers a range of products related to pre-hire screening, job and career matching, team building and management development. ìOur assessments have been scientifically constructed and validated to eliminate gender, racial, cultural and other biases, as well as to detect faking,î says, Stephen J. Conway, managing director of evaluTek.com.

All of the assessments are accessible through the Internet. evaluTekís software eliminates both the need for and the time and expense of specialised training and consultants to administer and interpret the results. The on-line assessment system permits clients to administer, score, report, establish job profiles and keep records on-line, from any remote location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It even permits results to be e-mailed to managers at disparate locations.

EvaluTek.com utilises leading edge software and Internet technology provided by Profiles International to provide highly accurate and reliable multiple reports that can be used for developing job-match profiles, team member selection or personnel development. For example, its flagship product, The ProfileTM, measures the ìtotalî person covering thinking style, occupational interests and behavioural traits. The results are then matched against customised job profiles to determine if there is a ëJob matchî (or not).

evaluTek.comís launch into the UK is the first of several European operations, to include France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. All of the assessments are being translated and will be available in the native languages, including English.