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Engineers Design a Reusable Rubber Face Mask

Engineers have designed a reusable silicone face mask with an N95 filter. The masks are similar to the shape of the 3M1860 style of N95 masks.

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The Mask can Be Sterilised

The mask can be sterilised and used many times. According to researchers who designed the mask, the mask can prevent virus particles from entering just like the N95. The mask was designed by researchers at MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still ravaging the world and there has been a shortage of face masks. The reusable masks will help in the sense that they can be used so many times. The team of researchers are working on the second version of the mask after feedback from the first one from health experts.

Easy Sterilisation

The rubber masks are easy to sterilise as compared to the N95 masks that health workers are currently using. With the N95, health workers will need to wear another mask after using one because they are not easy to sterilise. The rubber masks are made of silicone meaning they are easy to sterilise. N95 masks can be sterilised and used up to 20 times. You can visit anywhere you like with rubber masks, including hotels and casinos where people play casino games practicing social distancing.

However, they require specialised equipment. N95 masks are sterilised using hydrogen peroxide Vapor. The equipment used to sterilise N95 masks is not available everywhere. The rubber masks on the hand are durable because they are made of rubber. Medical experts tested the rubber masks’ durability using several sterilisation methods and the mask was not damaged.

Fit Test

This is testing the fit of the mask as well as its comfort. Researchers tested the mask using 20 health care practitioners. The health workers consisted of workers from the emergency and oncology clinic at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The healthcare workers were asked to wear the masks and make certain movements.  Researchers had to assess whether the masks would stay in the same position.