Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Effective Ways To Communicate and Improve HR Policies

For any organization, the prerequisite for success is an effective top down as well as lateral communication.

An effective communication usually refers to the ability to send your messages across with clarity and precision. Unless the employees are clearly aware of what their organizational leader wants from them, they will never be able to deliver their best. In order to ensure a clarity of goals, vision and mission across the workplace, a lucid communication between the various employees and their employer becomes indispensable.

Discussed below are some tips that can help you in elevating communication within your workplace.

1. Have A Transparent Work Culture

Transparency within a workplace talks against the idea of keeping secrets or hiding information. Human nature compels people to be curious about knowing things, and where they encounter a lack of information or misinformation, their trust in that source starts to waver. Now if your employees fail to trust your organization to build a sense of loyalty and belonging, their engagement towards your projects will suffer as well.

In order to build a transparent work culture, the organization must not hide information. Instead, using certain software to communicate HR policies to keep people abreast with whatever is happening within the organization can prove to be useful. Similarly, the same software can also be used to create digital feedback surveys that show the employees that they are valued members of the organization and their contribution makes a difference.

2. Encourage Face To Face Communication

Organizations often rely too much on emails for their internal communications. This might cause confusion since tone of voice and facial expressions are taken out of consideration. This miscommunication affects employee performance and relationships. Companies rarely have the time to personalize conversations and such tools make sending messages around much faster and convenient.

However, if building trust and sincerity within your employees is your organization’s goal, you shall do well by replacing typing with having a face to face conversation. Having a verbal communication builds and strengthens the relationships within an organization by maintaining an air of friendliness, integrity and authenticity towards each other.

While communicating face to face, pay particular attention to your body language, which should resonate with what you are saying. Maintaining a smile on your face and listening to others attentively are some key tips that can help build credibility and trust between you and your colleagues.

3. Work Towards A Common Goal

Setting up personal tasks for every individual and glorifying the division of labor might sound impressive but it comes with its fair share of disadvantages, When the goal of every individual in an organization is different and only concerned with getting their part done, this means an underperformance in any other field shall not concern them. Such an attitude breaks the cohesiveness of the organization and promotes the “I” attitude instead of “We”.

When every person in an organization is working to achieve a single most important goal, the struggles of individuals resonate with the organization’s overall wellbeing. Your entire team is on the same page and working hard to make the project a success, even if it involves helping out those who are underperforming and motivating them to do a better job. The more an organization works as a team, the easier it is to communicate problems as well as results and the better it is for the overall success of your project.

4. Allow Your Employees The Opportunity To Recharge

A work culture that promotes the idea of working as robots and machines within the workplace has never been successful in motivating the employees. Also, if their work is monotonous and repetitive, it is only a matter of time when they will lose their enthusiasm to work and give way to mistakes that can be problematic for your organization.

What you need to do instead is to allow your employees some retreat from work every now and then. And you can easily make your employees happy without breaking your bank. Organizational trips and getaways can help them to have fun and relax. Having informal lunches with the employees can also prove to be a great way to break the ice between the employees and the employer and lead to a better communication within the organization.

There are many other ways you can help maintain an efficient communication within your organization that includes rewarding the employees for their efforts, receiving their feedback and bringing them on board for making key decisions for your company. Communicating properly is not an easy task, however it is worth the effort if it pays back to your organization in terms of profits and success.