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e-HR technologies - 11/2001


Pecaso, PEople CApital SOlutions, provides specialised strategic consulting, implementation and support services for IT-based HR solutions and leads the market with new e-HR technologies.

Through strategic alliances, Pecaso also integrates ëbest of breedí applications with existing HR solutions. It has developed many of its own solutions that can be tailored to the requirements of individual organisations, and leverage the investment organisations have made in their ERP solutions.

Pecaso addresses e-recruitment by providing web-based applications that enrich the core SAP Recruitment functionality. They believe that best practice means integrating external and internal recruitment, blending traditional and web-based channels, and creating an efficient service chain, linking the participants in the recruitment process seamlessly.

Pecaso is well positioned to help organisations exploit the benefits of the Internet in a way that integrates with their core business systems, providing secure, stable and flexible solutions capable of supporting the most complex of recruitment needs.