Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Demanding standards - 11/2000

AOLR website powered by Halcyon

The Association of Online Recruiters (AOLR) has launched a web-site which offers job seekers and clients a guide to the standards they should demand from their online recruitment agency. The web-site is a response to the confusion surrounding Internet job sites, and aims to provide a one-stop, transparent standard guide.

Halcyon Internet plc has been working closely with the AOLR over the past few weeks to develop the site, which highlights the division's role in advancing online recruitment in the UK and promoting the highest ethical standards in the industry.

The site at has been created by Halcyon's new design division and will create opportunities for information sharing, provide updates on technological developments and comprehensively examine industry issues.

We were involved in initial discussions with the AOLR and REC many months ago when growing recognition of the need to establish standards for online recruitment called for the establishment of a dedicated division within the industry body, said Heather Kenny, chief communications officer for Halcyon.

We were able to provide an insight into the capabilities of current software and future possibilities for online recruitment. Software is developing at an incredible rate and can be misused by recruiters who are unaware of their legal obligations when operating on the web.î

The alliance between the AOLR and the REC will ensure recruiters are kept informed and that practices are regulated to allow e-cruitment to develop as a respected and professional industry, confirmed Kenny.