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Bitcoin Boom Has Led to an Employment Explosion for Tech Heads

If you’re not engaging with cryptocurrencies as an investor, there are still ways to make money in the market.

"Online Payment Currency: Bitcoin" (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

If you’re not engaging with cryptocurrencies as an investor, there are still ways to make money in the market. According to data compiled by Upwork, Q1 of 2018 saw demand for blockchain experts increase by 6,000%. With the year-on-year stats skyrocketing off the back of bitcoin’s meteoric price rise in 2017, the workspace is now bursting with opportunities. For those operating in a freelance capacity, specialists can command up to $150 per hour as per ComputerWorld’s May 2018 report. Of those that drift into fulltime employment, blockchain developers can win $130,000 per annum, while software developers can bank $105,000.

"Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Blockchain" (CC BY 2.0) by Descryptive

By all measures, the cryptocurrency market is an employment goldmine but what opportunities can you take advantage of? On the technical side of things, engineers are the people that help program, develop and maintain blockchains. Although a degree in software engineering or computer science is crucial for anyone eyeing up these roles, additional training is also important. Because blockchain technology is still relatively new, traditional computer-based courses don’t cover it in as much detail as they otherwise would. This, however, could be set to change. When you read the latest bitcoin headlines at Coinlist, you’ll learn about how the major crypto companies are helping the industry to grow. The team at Ripple launched a $50 million initiative in 2018 to help universities improve their research into blockchain.

With academic institutions now being funded by the major players in the space, students have a better chance of finding employment. Away from the technical aspects of blockchain, analysts are going to become more important over the next decade. Tracking the latest trends, analyzing data and making financial predictions within the blockchain market is something all major businesses will need in the future. Indeed, as banks, tech companies and more start to become more active with blockchain, they’ll need analysts on board to help guide their development and investments. Similarly, as more businesses embrace this technology, they’ll need project managers to oversee the growth of blockchain departments. For example, when BBVA started the development of its blockchain-based system for handling corporate loans, it was a mere novice in the space.

"Blockchain is Worldwide" (CC BY 2.0) by Descryptive

However, by adding blockchain experts to its existing team of banking pros, the company has been able to do something unique. With project managers helping to organize these fledging departments, companies like BBVA would struggle. Finally, as more people start to become aware of blockchain and all its capabilities, there will be a need for commentators, journalists and, potentially, social media experts. Just like any other industry in the world, people want to know what’s going on. Whether it’s CNN giving us the latest political news or ESPN analysts talking through the latest football game, information is essential. In fact, for an industry to grow, it needs the interest of the masses. Blockchain and the crypto world is no different, which is why media roles will become more common within the decade.

Tech has been a hotbed of opportunity over the last two decades and this trend doesn’t look as though it’s going to end anytime soon. Thanks to bitcoin and all that comes with it, those with an interest in computers and alternative currencies now have a ton of interesting and lucrative prospects.