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Occumi was founded by childhood friends Joe Shepherd, 22, and Josh Clarke, 21, during their second year of university. The idea for Occumi came about when the pair were discussing how difficult it would be to stand out amongst the hundreds, if not thousands, of graduates all applying for the same job. As a result, the pair started Occumi in order to provide a simple but disruptive tool to improve student and graduate employment prospects through tailored skill identification.

The tool lets you input your higher education results and work experience into the Occumi platform, this information is then used to identify your top five transferable skills through its unique algorithm and data set. These skills are displayed in a skills chart, which can be downloaded and added to an existing CV, or a new one using Occumi's CV builder. The skills chart will allow you to clearly highlight to employers exactly what you can bring to the role.

The skills and insights available on the Occumi platform have been sourced from extensive primary and secondary research into what skills different university subjects provide and what different industries require. Occumi uses a unique data set that has been acquired through questionnaires and insights from top university lecturers around the UK, to ensure that Occumi provides users with an accurate set of skills.

Both Joe and Josh used the algorithm that went into Occumi to identify their top five skills. They then added them to their CV’s and used these skills to look for what industry they would be best suited to. Both Joe and Josh managed to get on to extremely competitive grad schemes this year. It was at this point that they knew their website had the ability to help the thousands of students and jobseekers who were in the same position as they were. Their fundamental goal is to make sure that employers know exactly what candidates can bring to their business. Occumi has the ability to help people get the job they want and show off their skills.

“The website (Occumi) was a really easy way to find out what transferable skills I actually had to offer, which was apparently a lot more than I realised.” 
Elliott Ford, Brighton University Graduate 

“It is a quick and easy way to improve your CV, which can only be a good thing in such a competitive job market.”
Kieran Franks, University of Kent Graduate