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New mature Job hunting support for recruitment agencies from Stillmuchtooffer

Progressive recruitment companies, looking for new markets would do well to create a partnership with Stillmuchtooffer Ltd

Stillmuchtooffer offers businesses personal and professional development.services for individuals who are searching for a new job or a new direction. Though the facility exists on the Stillmuchtooffer website for employers to advertise directly, Stillmuchtooffer is more interested in jobs being advertised by recruitment companies themselves. All the advertising is completely free and since the Stillmuchtooffer niche market is mature jobseekers, advertising posts on the site gives recruitment companies a rich new talent pool from which to draw clients as well as helping them to fulfil their equality and diversity agenda.

Stillmuchtooffer also provides business to business services specifically for recruitment agencies. In particular its CV writing and interview rehearsal services significantly improve an agency’s chances of placing a jobseeker in a vacant position. Free webinars and reduced prices available for the clients of partner agencies will prove highly attractive to jobseekers.

Agencies need to phone Stillmuchtooffer direct on 01824 710342 to discover details of the special offers open to them. The web site can be found at www.stillmuchtooffer.co.uk