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New General Job Site CVSearch.co.uk Launches with Free Job Listings for All Recruiters!

This month, www.cvsearch.co.uk has been launched with the intention of becoming the UKís leading general recruitment website

This month, www.cvsearch.co.uk has been launched with the intention of becoming the UK’s leading general recruitment website.

CVSearch.co.uk was built with the aim to make the recruitment process as simple and easy as possible for recruiters, in partnership with its jobseeker portal www.cvdatabase.co.uk

In just over 3 weeks, the site has attracted over 150 recruitment companies, listing over 560 jobs. Managing Director Sam Rawson said “We’ve had a great response to the launch, with so many recruiters signing up and listing their vacancies, it’s given us a great base to attract jobseekers onto the site.”

Starting at the beginning of April www.cvdatabase.co.uk - the job seeking side of the site will be launching a large marketing campaign. Rawson continued “We’re not just going to blow our marketing budget on Google, we’re looking at all different avenues to bring candidates on board. In the next few weeks we’ll have promotion teams visiting most of the UK’s major city centres doing some face to face marketing, and that is just the start of what we’ve got lined up.”

Although the site has launched and is now live, CVSearch.co.uk has yet to unveil its secret weapon. “To give our site a unique selling point we have been developing a system for candidates to verify elements of their CV’s with an established background screening firm. We believe this will really give our site an edge on the competition as it benefits both job seekers, and employers.” Rawson explains “The cost is fronted by the candidate, as it will help give worth to their CV. For example they can verify the university degree they achieved - this is then reflected on their CV, and will help them stand out from other applicants. The benefit to recruiters are that they can rely on information the candidate has verified, and do not have to incur costs doing it themselves. We think this is a win – win situation in a candidate rich market.”

For more information, or to sign up for your free job listings, please visit www.cvsearch.co.uk