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FT announces exec-appointments.com relaunch

Global executive job board redesigned to help enhance offerings for candidates and recruiters

The Financial Times has announced the relaunch of exec-appointments.com, the global executive job board, part of Financial Times Recruitment Solutions. The new look and feel is consistent with both the Financial Times and exec-appointments.com brands, while the new site design will benefit both candidates and recruiters, through improved targeting of jobs, dedicated sector pages and integrated FT content on the site. New features of the redesigned site include:

Advanced search options making it even easier for candidates to find the most relevant jobs, including intelligent options that assess skills criteria and not just job description. Jobs are easier to find, reflecting a more current structure of the jobs market.

The ‘My Account’ section of the site will have increased content for candidates, making it even easier to find the most relevant job opportunities. Users will also be able to share more information on their current or last job so additional job recommendations can be made.

Enhanced career services content, including a dedicated career advice email offering careers support and advice.

FT editorial content on home and sector pages, showcasing the most relevant stories for candidates. This will be continuously updated with targeted stories that are pulled through FT.com.

The new site, developed with Pixelgroup, also includes a number of new opportunities for advertisers, including improved display advertising, integration of Flash and better targeting.

Steve Playford, Managing Director of Financial Times Recruitment Solutions said: “The exec-appointments.com job board is extremely popular with 50% of our jobs turning over on a weekly basis. We have redesigned the site in line with feedback from recruiters and candidates, and developed a site that will retain the core values of exec-appointments.com with a FT look and feel. The site has been updated to reflect changes in the jobs market with relevant news streams and sector pages, and we have worked closely with advertisers to build a platform that will improve targeting, helping promote the best executive jobs possible for candidates around the world.”

To mark the launch of the new site, a global marketing campaign will illustrate how exec-appointments.com is the job board where the finest global talent meets the world's best jobs. This campaign, created with onebite communications, will run in the UK, US & Middle East across print and online.

exec-appointments.com is a global executive job board covering a wide range of director and senior management jobs from major employers, executive recruiters and executive research firms. For further information see http://www.exec-appointments.com