Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec launches new, improved ‘ValueMyCV’

New look CV valuation tool goes all out to support fair pay for all UK employees

Adzuna, (, Europe’s fastest growing job search engine, has today announced the relaunch of its significantly enhanced ValueMyCV tool.

Originally launched in 2015, ValueMyCV was a unique innovation that has transformed the way thousands of users discover their worth and get paid more. Responding to recent research revealing the majority of UK employees feel unhappy with their pay packet, we’ve now taken it a step further, with an even more comprehensive ValueMyCV tool that:

  • Tells you what your CV is worth, so you know what salary you deserve
  • Gets your CV battle-ready to land you that interview
  • Inspires you with new career recommendations from over 1 million live job ads

Adzuna co-founder, Doug Monro, outlined the motivation behind the tool’s new features:

“Britain's job market has a problem. Wages are growing slower than the cost of living, and the workforce that powers the UK is far from happy. Nearly two thirds (60%) of us have felt stuck in a dead end job, and a further 65% know they are being underpaid but don’t know how to get what they are worth. No wonder productivity is falling!”

“After two years of successfully valuing hundreds of thousands of CVs and helping career explorers improve their value and bag more fulfilling roles, we knew what was needed to take the job search experience to the next level. As well as helping users discover their value to employers, we’ve now included even more interactive elements, allowing candidates to modify their skills and experience, as well as setting their own career goals and helping them work towards these.”

“At Adzuna, we’ve made it our mission to help you find the way to the job - and the salary - you deserve.”

What’s new in ValueMyCV?

The unique, free tool now not only calculates how much you’re worth based on your CV (drawing on data from over 1 million CVs and data from over 10m job adverts), but also automatically suggests improvements to your CV, and matches you to relevant jobs based on your skill profile.

The improved ValueMyCV model has been built using machine learning technology to learn the patterns of work experience, education, and skills which actually drive market value. But we've also done way more in this tool - giving automated CV improvement advice, the ability to review and edit your skills to improve your marketability, and a unique Skillmatch score to show you how well your transferable skills match potential careers.  

By allowing users to check and edit the skills and personal information extracted from their CV, Adzuna have created a truly interactive tool which gives control to job searchers by helping them understand how their CV will be interpreted by industry-standard software used by recruiters.,

Doug Monro, co-founder of Adzuna, commented: ”British workplaces are rife with uncertainty over pay. An ingrained lack of transparency over earnings and salary bandings has created a culture of conviction that others must be paid more than us. Combined with a lack of knowledge of what our own skills are worth to employers in today’s job market, this spells a recipe for disaster for ambitious career builders. With Adzuna’s ValueMyCV, it’s time for employees to take matters into their own hands and arm themselves with the information they need to thrive.”

The site, launched by the team behind Gumtree, Zoopla and Qype in 2011 has demonstrated impressive growth in the past 6 years, growing to more than 10 million monthly unique visitors, operating in 16 countries, and reaching profitability and with multi-million annual revenue. Adzuna is also soon to graduate from the Government’s prestigious Future Fifty Programme, has recently featured around the Capital with advertising on London’s buses, and has surpassed 5 million registered users.

Adzuna is already the market leader in giving users transparency about UK employment data - we show salary data for thousands of keyword and location combinations on our site, provide the PM and press with labour market data, and offer our Jobsworth salary predictor against every ad with no salary.

Doug Monro concluded: “This extension to our already successful tool is a huge leap forward. We've taken the existing tech and applied it, naturally, to career progression. It's something everyone wants to know - what's their market value - and how can they improve that value? We help people get to where they want to be - and that’s something we can be pretty proud of!”